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Animals in the Home

Whether it be cats, dogs, fish, small animals or birds, companion animals play a huge role in our lives.

The CFHS has developed this section to provide you with a wealth of information on which animals make the best pets, and on how to care for them as responsibly as possible. In this section you will find everything from general pet information to issues facing companion animals in Canada. It will also give you some ideas on how you can become a champion for animal welfare.

Please read on below or using the menu items to the left for more information about pet ownership and key issues affecting companion animals in Canada.

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  • CFHS Statement on CBC Marketplace Expose

    On Friday night Canadians caught another glimpse of the reality of life behind the doors on the modern day industrial farm this time for turkeys in Canada. The CFHS was deeply shocked and disturbed to view the graphic images that undercover investigators were able to capture. An investigated is currently being conducted by the OSPCA.

    The CFHS advocates for only those farming practices that provide good welfare for the animals raised. The CFHS demands industry meet the 5 Freedoms by employing management practices and housing systems that meet both the physiological and psychological needs of the animals. The CFHS calls upon government to require third party on farm assessment of animal welfare practices regardless of species.

    Every Canadian who is thinking about their food must decide what is ethically and morally acceptable to them. The CFHS believes that food animals deserve our respect on the farm, in transport and in slaughter.

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  • Just for Cats

    The 2014 CFHS Just For Cats Festival will launch at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on April 17th – hosted by Laureen Harper! To buy tickets and to see more tour dates/venues across Canada visit

    Cat vid – super small

    Image: Walker Art Center

  • Choose Adoption Ribbons

    Our new program that will get more adoptable dogs into their forever homes and end puppy mills. Click the image below to learn more.

    choose adoption Ribbons

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