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Animal abandonment

Abandoning an animal is never acceptable under any circumstances, yet many people do just that by dumping their animals that they no longer want, or perhaps can no longer afford. With the recent economic troubles, many people are choosing to leave their animals to fend for themselves rather than do the responsible thing and find them a new home or surrender them to a local humane society or SPCA. Most companion animals are unable to fend for themselves and are likely to become sick, dehydrated or injured very quickly, not to mention that they may not be found by someone in time who can turn them over to animal services.

Many humane societies and SPCAs set aside specific times for when owners who can no longer afford to care for their animal can come in and surrender their animal. This way, the animal gets the best possible chance for finding another home. Information is taken to help understand the animal’s personality, habits and medical history. As well, many shelters have programs to help owners thinking about surrendering their animals. Some offer pet food banks, while others have classes to help with behavioural problems that may be the reason an owner wishes to surrender their pet. If you are thinking about surrendering your animal, check with your local organization to review their policies on surrendered animals.

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