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Dog fighting

Pitting dogs against each other for sport was common in many societies in the 1800’s. After England introduced a ban on bull-baiting×using dogs to bait bears, bulls and other animals earning them the name pit bulls, these dogs were instead trained to fight each other. Although dog fighting is a reprehensible act, it continues to be practiced in many parts of the world including illegally in Canada.

The breed of dog that is most associated with dog fighting is the pit bull. Recent media attention featuring high-profile dog-fighting rings, such as the case of former NFL…-star Michael Vick, has focused attention on this heinous activity. Because these breeds were historically bred for fighting, they have been labelled as “dangerous dogs”. Unfortunately irresponsible breeders who intentionally produce aggressive dogs are to blame for the negative image of the pit bull.

Take action!

Visit our Stop Animal Abuse campaign website to send a message to the Justice Minister today demanding changes to Canada’s inadequate animal cruelty law, and to order a “Stop Animal Abuse” decal to display in your window.

Animal fighting of any sort is reprehensible and the CFHS… condemns any activity where animals are forced to fight each other for the entertainment of humans. There should be harsh criminal punishments for any individual(s) found engaging in such activity. The Canadian Criminal Code makes it an offence if someone “encourages, aids or assists at the fighting or baiting of animals or birds”. However, the person literally has to be caught in the act. For example, if the Michael Vick situation had taken place in Canada he likely would not have been prosecuted because he was not caught in the act of dog fighting. Unlike in the United States, in Canada it is not an offence to train animals to fight nor to accept money from animal fighting. Such provisions are included in the Criminal Code amendments that the CFHS… wants to see passed.

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