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K9 Kids Challenge

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K9 Kids Challenge!

Are you taking part in the K9 Kids Challenge?

Top 5 Reasons while regular exercise is important to your dog:

1) Dogs need to socialize
2) Dogs need fresh air
3) You need fresh air
4) Bonding and socialization
5) Dogs need exercise to live a happy healthy life

5 Tips for Dog Walking:

1) Make sure you know how much exercise your dog needs for their age and breed
2) Make sure you have the right leash or harness for your pet
3) Prepare for the weather – extreme heat or cold can be dangerous to your pet
4) Know the leash laws and other bylaws in your community
5) Bring water, treats and extra poop bags to clean up after your dog

Need a few more dog walking tips?

How about some information on the care and behaviour of dogs?

Looking to see if the time is right for your family to adopt a dog and how to pick the right breed? (please be aware some images may be sensitive for young children)

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