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CFHS Cat Overpopulation Resources

Cat overpopulation is the biggest challenge facing most animal shelters in Canada. The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies strives to help animal welfare organizations meet that challenge by providing information on the best strategies for saving and enhancing cats’ lives. Here are a few key resources.

Sheltering, fostering, and re-homing


Cat-Friendly Practice videos – A series of short online videos you can use to help animal shelter staff & volunteers learn stress-calming cat handling techniques. (from The CATalyst Council)

BC SPCA Cat Wellness Program manual – Contains a wealth of advice on how handle, comfort, and provide stimulation to cats in a shelter environment. (from the British Columbia SPCA)

Disease Management: Feline URI (From the American SPCA)

Shelters get creative and boost cat adoptions [other file: 0.12mb] – An article originally published in the CFHS newsletter Animal Welfare in Focus, Spring 2011, with extra tips for increasing adoptions.

Increase Adoptions: Fee-Waived Adoptions – More shelters are discovering that waiving adoption fees is an excellent way to find new homes for homeless animals, including “slow movers” such as adult cats. (From the American SPCA)

Adopt Cats in Pairs video – Short online video promoting the adoption of cats in pairs. (from The Catalyst Council)

Public education materials

Cat Adoption Checklist – A fact sheet listing basic cat care requirements, to hand out to new cat owners (from the Ontario SPCA)

Happy Indoor Cats – Four-page booklet on why it’s important to keep cats indoors, and how to keep them happy inside (from the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies)

Cat Behaviour Issues – A fact sheet addressing some common behavioural challenges for new cat owners (scratching, litterbox problems, attacking houseplants, etc. (from the Ontario SPCA)

CATegorical Care: An Owner’s Guide to America’s #1 Companion – This 20-page booklet is jam-packed with essential information on caring for a cat. A resource every cat guardian should have! (from The CATalyst Council)

Municipal advocacy


Pet overpopulation & spay/neuter fund fact sheet [pdf file: 1.78mb] – To be used to help municipal governments understand the need for funding of affordable spay/neuter programs. (From the BC SPCA)

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