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Downloadable resources for pet owners

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For a list of questions you should consider before buying a pet, we suggest you read this article by the BC SPCA: Thinking of Bringing a Pet into Your Home? Consider the Following Questions First

A Commonsense Guide to Selecting a Dog or Cat

CFHS co-published with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association a 14 page booklet called A Commonsense Guide to Selecting a Dog or a Cat. Single copies are available free of charge in English or French. This booklet will help potential pet owners decide if a pet is for them and if so, what kind and where to find one.

The booklets are available in PDF format:

commonsense guide en commonsense guide en

Early Age Spay Neuter factsheet

Spaying or neutering their pet is one of the most important aspects of responsible pet ownership, and a crucial step to help reduce pet overpopulation in Canada. The CFHS developed a factsheet to dispell myths regarding early age spay neuter, and to help promote the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs before they reach reproductive maturity.

early spay neuter


Checklist for Acquiring a Dog

Developed by the National Companion Animal Coalition (comprised of the CFHS, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, the Canadian Kennel Club and PIJAC-Canada, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council), this brochure will tell new dog owners how they can avoid puppy mills and choose the best possible place to get their next dog.

checklist for acquiring a dog
Check List for Acquiring a Dog

checklist for acquiring a dog fr
Liste de vérification pour
l’acquisition d’un chien


Give your cat a safe and happy home

This brochure was developed to help new cat owners care for their new companions — and offers plenty of great information for experienced cat owners too!

Download the PDF:

safe & happy home

Happy Indoor Cat

The best place for a cat is indoors! Indoor cats are generally healthier and on average live a longer life. This factsheet provides new and long-time cat owners with great information on why their cats should be kept indoors, and offers tips on how to better fulfill an indoor cat’s needs.

happy indoor cat

Introducing a new cat to your home

If you already have a cat or other pet, introducing a new cat to your home will require a bit of patience and planning. Find out more with this resource from the Ontario SCPA: Helping your adopted cat and existing pets to accept each other.

Small Animal

The factsheets below are packed full of information on the care and feeding of other common pets.

ferret factsheet

gerbil factsheet

guinea pig factsheet
Guinea Pig

hamster factsheet


budgerigar factsheet

cockatiel factsheet

finch factsheet

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