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Success stories

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The CFHS and its member shelters are always excited to hear stories from newly adopted pet parents and about the positive experiences of adopting a new pet. For these pets, being adopted means a second chance at a healthy, happy life. These stories are excellent examples of why it’s important for prospective pet owners to consider adopting a pet from a reputable shelter or rescue facility.

If you have a story you would like to share about your adopted pet please email it along with a picture to

Cleo cleo

I adopted Cleo from the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA, where she had recently been transferred from a rescue facility in Louisiana along with her mother and four brothers. Although she is a rather rambunctious puppy at times, she is quickly learning the rules and routines of the house and has become an amazing addition to our family. It has been a really great experience working with her and socializing her with other dogs at the local dog park.


Napolean and Hank poli and hank

I had always heard about the need to adopt animals and wanted very much to adopt a cat when the time was right. I had finally finished university and moved into a little one bedroom apartment. I went to a local pet store knowing that they worked with a local cat rescue organization and often had cats for adoption every few Saturdays. I visited the store two Saturdays later and saw about 15 or 20 cats that needed homes. I came to a cage with 3 kittens and fell in love with the small brown tabby curled up in the corner of the cage. Right from the start she was loving, playful and affectionate with me. When I woke up she was always sitting straight up waiting for me to begin the day. If I slept later than I was supposed to, she was always my alarm, waking me up so I wouldn’t be late for work.

One year later I passed the same pet store and saw that there were cats in the window again. I went in and decided I would adopt another brown tabby kitten. I was all set to adopt her until I turned and saw an orange kitten alone in his cage. He was bigger than the other kittens, but not quite a full grown cat yet. I decided to open the cage and hold him. As soon as I picked him up he purred loudly and dug his nails deep into my shirt. I knew that this was the guy for me. The introduction of the two cats was not easy, and there were a few early moments when I thought it wouldn’t work out. But now, two years later, the two cats are the best of friends, often grooming each other, chasing each other, or curling up together and napping away the afternoon.


Shantih shantih

Shantih was a wild dog living on restaurant handouts on a Native reserve. The SPCA brought her in and I adopted her the very next day. She was a big mess; she had burrs in her coat & tail, kennel cough, worms her heat and she was under weight. I put a lot into her and today she is great!!


Buddy buddy

I adopted Buddy from the Ottawa Humane Society when he was 4 ½ years old. He was a big handsome tabby cat weighing 23 lbs. He had all his claws and looked tough, but he was a real softie and never took his claws to my dog, friends’ dogs or anyone else. Buddy was one of the most sociable cats I’ve ever met and was always right at the door when I came home. He lived with me until about 18 years old when a tumour got the better of him.


Casper casper sm

I found Casper at a small animal rescue in Eastern Ontario and when I met him it was love at first sight. Although timid to start, Casper has come out of his shell and has made many new friends (both two & four legged) in our neighbourhood. He has definitely livened up my household.


Marias marias

I adopted Marias from a rescue facility named Camp Collie in Shelby, Montana, after she and 170 other dogs were confiscated from an Alaksan breeder by American border officials. Marias is a five to seven year old Blue Merle Collie, who because of her show qualities was used as a breeding animal for the proprietors of the breeding facility. I had no intention of adopting on that day; however, I was worried that she wouldn’t get the home that she so deserved. I tell people that she chose me, because the first time I took her out for a walk, all she wanted me to do was bend down and hold her. I later went back and brought her to her new home in Calgary. Thank you Marias for choosing me!


Loulou loulou

We adopted Loulou from a small shelter in Rawdon, Québec six years ago. When I first saw her picture on (a pet adoption website), I emailed my husband to let him know about my desire to adopt her and told him “she’s a little ratty, but all she needs is some love”. Loulou indeed needed some love. Despite being only a year old when we adopted her, she had already had two different owners who had not treated her very well. Today, Loulou is a well-adjusting loving dog, whom her owners adore. We can’t imagine life without her, for she has made such a big difference in ours.

Pam & Adam

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