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Animals on the Farm

Gestation Stall and Battery Cage Phase outs!

Recently several fast food companies, retailers and producers have committed to phasing out the use of gestation stalls for pigs and battery cages for hens. This chart provides you with an overview of who is doing what, and what is happening in other countries.

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The CFHS was formed in 1957 out of concern for the welfare of animals being slaughtered for food. At that time there were no regulations addressing the slaughter of animals. The Federation took on the issue and was influential in the introduction of the federal Humane Slaughter of Food Animals Act in 1959.

The CFHS continues to play a crucial role in farm animal welfare in Canada. As a founding member of the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC), the CFHS advocates for continual improvements to the standards for farm animal care that are included in Canada’s voluntary codes of practice.

The CFHS also campaigns for improvements to various regulations that cover the treatment of farm animals. For instance, our current campaign on livestock transportation seeks to end the unnecessary suffering of farm animals that are regularly transported for up to two days straight in overcrowded trucks with no food, water or ventilation.

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  • CFHS Statement on CTV W5 Veal Expose

    On Saturday April 19th Canadians experienced the reality of veal farming – one of the most controversial practices in the farming industry.

    The shocking and deeply disturbing footage aired on CTV W5 showed both acts of cruelty and also practices which are currently accepted as standard industry practices.

    It is distressing to witness animals being treated so viciously, even more so when those animals are at their most vulnerable – only a few days or weeks after they are born, when they should still be suckling their mothers. This is absolutely unacceptable.

    The CFHS is calling on Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz to implement immediate and broad sweeping changes to ensure that the five freedoms for animal welfare are met and adhered to within the veal industry.

    After watching this undercover video Canadians need to think very deeply about the choices they are making for their dinner table and what is ethically acceptable to them.

    We call upon the authorities in Quebec to launch an immediate investigation. We also call on the veal barn complex in Pont Rouge, who was focused in the W5 investigation, to immediately halt cruel practices and vigorously pursue the five freedoms.

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