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Other livestock issues

The CFHS has some concerns regarding farm animal welfare practices not necessarily related to day-to-day farming practices. Some of these concerns include:

Barn fire prevention

It doesn’t take long for a smouldering fire to erupt into a blazing inferno. Most barns are packed full of possible fuel sources, from large quantities of hay or straw, to chemicals, to the buildings themselves for older structures. Fire and smoke can spread so quickly that even if detected early it may not be possible for responders to get there in time, for animals or equipment to be ...

Calf roping

Calf roping is still practiced on the ranch today and is cruelly imitated in the rodeo. On the ranch, it is usually a humane affair. Calves are gently roped and brought to a stop slowly. In the rodeo, where speed is essential, calves are quickly roped, jerked to a sudden stop, and thrown to the ground. Competitors then slam the calf into the ground a second time so they can tie their legs. ...


Rodeos were first introduced to Canada in the early 1900s with the entertaining American “Wild West Show.” It included bull riding, calf roping, and steer racing – a competitive “sporting event” that mimicked the chores required in the settling of the West in North America. The “Wild West Show” became the first North American show where people paid to watch the events that were ...

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