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Older stories (2010)

Cosmetics industry criticised as EU set to admit delay in animal testing ban – The Guardian, Dec. 31

’Loophole’ in revised Dog Act, says animal rights activist – HQ Yellowknife. Dec. 31

How animal testing is minimized – The Guardian, Dec. 31

Recession-hit owners skipping care for pets – Calgary Herald, Dec. 30

Laws Needed to Stop Boat Threats to Orcas – Vancouver Sun, Dec. 29

Most Canadians say politicians’ stance on farm animal welfare would affect their vote, says new poll – Vancouver Humane Society, Dec. 28

Six criminal code charges laid against hog barn owner – Central Plains Herald Leader, Dec. 25

Fight over Lucy the elephant continues – Toronto Sun, Dec. 22

Unusual pets, unknown results – Vancouver Sun, Dec. 16

Animal Protection Act Passes in record-breaking time – Meadow Lake Progress, Dec. 17

When the sea goes silent –, Dec. 16

Ruling demands DFO do more for orcas – Gulf Islands Driftwood, Dec. 15

Province pressed for answers on animal abuse – Winnipeg Free Press, Dec. 15

Girl helps animals in need by donating to Regina Humane Society through Pennies for Pets program – The Leader-Post, Dec. 13

Animal industry comes of age – Manitoba Cooperator, Dec. 13

Super-toxic’ Rat Poisons Killing BC’s Rare Barn Owls, Other Wildlife – The Tyee, Dec. 13

Man faces 44 counts of animal abuse – Winnipeg Free Press, Dec. 9

Bill to protect service dogs put forth by NDP – Meadow Lake Progress, Dec. 11

Tougher penalties for animal abuse in Saskatchewan – CBC, Dec. 8

Short sea-ice season threatens Hudson Bay polar bears – Toronto Star, Dec. 8

Locals knew about abuse for years – Winnipeg Free Press , Dec. 4, 2010

Ranched fox, mink Codes of Practice to be updated – Atlantic Farm Focus, Dec. 2, 2010

SPCA subsidizes spaying and neutering program – Hamilton Spectator, Dec. 1, 2010

Gimme Shelter: Staff, volunteers and animals find more humane digs in their new location – Unlimited Magazine, Dec. 2010

B.C. farmers to sharply increase production of organic and specialty eggs – Vancouver Sun, Nov. 30, 2010=

Canadian Food Inspection Agency destroys 8200 turkeys on Manitoba farm – Winnipeg Free Press, Nov. 30, 2010

Welfare groups say they’re not activists – Western Producer, Nov. 25, 2010

Time to licence ’roadside zoos’ – St. Catharines Standard, Nov. 25, 2010

Animal auction inspections needed, says BC SPCA –, Nov. 25

Humane Society Calls on Province to Ban Sow Stalls – (blog), Nov. 23

Animal protection worker explains how feral cat colonies start and how to deal with the issue – Western Star, Nov. 22

Number of Pet Owners Giving Up Their Dogs And Cats Declining According to October PetPoint Report – Pethealth Inc., Nov. 15

Officials Ponder Gentler Ways to Handle Geese – New York Times (blog), Nov. 18

Oil and gas remnants killing caribou: First Nations – CTV, Nov. 12

Giant Pandamonium – Should Canada Rent Giant Pandas? – Born Free USA Canadian Blog, Nov. 12

Getting a pet for the holidays is a family decision – The Province, Nov. 12

Puppy ban bylaw adopted – Abbotsford Times, Nov. 10

Flood of abandoned pets a major concern for agency – Kingston Whig-Standard, Nov. 10

Animal abuse penalties stiffened in Sask. –, Nov. 8

Dogs Win Big on Election Day with Historic Victory in Missouri – ASPCA, Nov. 5

Injuries, online ads lead to dog-fighting fears in Calgary – National Post, Nov. 4

Ontario Bill would impose licensing system for exotic pets – Northumberland Today, Nov. 3

Hog farmer faces 23 charges in animal cruelty case – Toronto Sun, Nov. 3

Animal shelter buoyed by votes, grants: Pepsi Challenge boosts awareness – Windsor Star, Nov. 2

GNWT to revise animal cruelty laws – CJCD Mix 100 News, Nov. 1

Pet project: Guides, SPCA team up for award-winning program – Community Herald Dartmouth, Oct. 31

Colour coding cats a hit – South Delta Leader, Oct. 29

Seal hunters lose bid to lift EU ban – AFP, Oct. 29

Free pet spaying offered to low-income Calgarians – Calgary Herald, Oct 29

Portage Hosts Manitoba’s First Animal Welfare Conference – Portage Online, Oct. 29

Federal fines boosted for livestock transport violations – Manitoba Cooperator, Oct. 27

Man beaten trying to stop dog abuse dies – Canoe News, Oct. 26

GNWT sluggish on revising Dog Act – animal rights activist – CJCD Mix 100, Oct. 26

Oilsands tailings ponds kill more ducks: 230 dead birds at Syncrude facility – CBC News, Oct. 26

Edmonton Humane Society gets national award – Edmonton Journal, Oct. 22

B.C. couple charged with animal cruelty ’chronic offenders’ – The Province, Oct. 20

How effective is Canada’s meat inspection system? – The Straight, Oct. 21

How to make a more contented cow – CBC News, Oct. 14

On Treatment of Animals, Britain is Ahead of North America – Vancouver Sun, Oct. 14

Online pet shop owner gets 5 months in jail –, Oct. 5

Richmond makes landmark move against puppy mills – Vancouver Sun, Oct. 5

Horse-lovers protest with ’bulletholes’ in head – CP, Oct. 4

SPCA earns nominations for national awards – Chronicle Herald, Oct. 1

One-quarter of animal mistreatment penalties uncollected, documents show – Montreal Gazette, Sept. 29

SPCA working on first animal shelter for NWT – HQ Yellowknife, Sept. 29

Province toughens up animal cruelty law – The Valley Leader (Manitoba), Sept. 29

Sanctuary for Lucy – CBC, Sept. 26

Minister unsure how many Canadian inspectors watching animals bound for slaughter – Vancouver Sept. 22

Animal law gets more bite – Winnipeg Free Press, Sept. 21

Get serious about farm animal cruelty – Winnipeg Free Press, Sept. 17

Public has a snobby attitude when it comes to getting a pet – The Province, Sept. 14

SPCA irate at court leniency: Cruel petting-zoo pair still allowed to keep animals – The Province, Sept. 9

The great whale-in-jail debate – Maclean’s, Sept. 8

First Nations take Ottawa to court over caribou – CBC News, Sept. 8

Birds dying in oilsands at 30 times the rate reported, says study – Toronto Star, Sept. 7

Massive egg recall opens window on inhumane farming – Globe and Mail, Aug. 24

Sable Island seal cull under consideration – Chronicle Herald, Aug. 23

Humane Society breaking new ground – St. Catharine’s Standard, Aug. 23

EU says ban on seal goods in place, with exceptions – AFP, Aug. 20

Belgium plans to sterilize most cats by 2016 – Vancouver Sun, Aug. 18

A chance for B.C. consumers to demand more humane eggs – Vancouver Sun, Aug. 18

Crown drops charges against Toronto Humane Society, former president – Globe & Mail, Aug. 16

British group protests entry of cloned animals to food chain – Vancouver Sun, Aug.6

Council candidate wants to ban sales of cats and dogs in pet stores – Toronto Star, Aug. 6

Animal welfare goal of extensive rewrite of pets-in-cars bylaw – Victoria Times Colonist, Aug. 5

OECD approves new, non-animal testing guideline for skin irritation – The Medical News, Aug. 3

Boy, 8, accused of killing more pets –, July 28

Spanish region says adios to bullfighting – Associated Press, July 28

A Humane Egg – New York Times, Jul. 11

Calgary rodeo condemned by U.K. MPs, activists – CBC News, Jul. 8

Stop the Needless Killing of British Columbia’s Grizzly Bears – The Huffington Post, Jul. 7

Thousands of hogs left to die in Manitoba barn – Global News, Jun. 23

Report slams Calgary Zoo – Globe and Mail, Jun. 17

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