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Demand changes to Canada’s shamefully inadequate animal cruelty laws.

Ensure the vigorous prosecution of animal abusers.

Secure welfare for farm animals.

Shut down puppy mills and end the suffering of thousands of dogs.

Increase adoption, decrease euthanasia and support homeless cats in Canada.

Humane Societies and SPCAs are a Canadian institution – in fact, many have been around for one hundred years or more. Our members are the organizations that Canadians trust to care for and protect the animals that we love and rely on.

Since 1957, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has been the national organization that represents Humane Societies and SPCAs all across Canada. We work to address the critical issues facing animals on the national level, including animal welfare legislation, policy and public education.

CFHS is a proud member of Imagine Canada and helped to develop its Ethical Code Program. Our 53 members engage in ethical and transparent fundraising and agree to abide by all laws as a condition of CFHS membership.

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