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CFHS Humane Education Kit

hum ed kit
Now available on CD!

The CFHS is dedicated to promoting respect and humane treatment toward all animals. One way to encourage this behaviour is to teach these values at home and in the classroom. We have developed educational curriculum and activities for students Kindergarten to Grade 8. Teachers and parents can download the material and help kids learn about the needs, proper care and humane treatment of all animals. Help us make your community more humane!

The CFHS Humane Education Kit is available to CFHS members for free and for a cost of $25.00 for non members. To keep our administrative costs and carbon footprint low a digital version of the kit will be e-mailed to you. To order a copy send an email to with your complete name and mailing address or call 1888-678-2347.

Topics include:
Friends for Life: Caring for Pets (ECS – Grade 3)
Friends for Life: The Perfect Pet (Grades 3-5)
Friends for Life: The Human Animal Bond (Grades 5-8)
Dog Bite Prevention I (ECS – Grade 2)
Dog Bite Prevention II (Grades 3-5)
Animal Shelters (Grades 3-5)
Animals in Entertainment (Grades 6-8)
Children’s Bookshelf (Grades 7-8)
Language Arts Activities

Ottawa Humane Society Humane Education Resource Kit
Do you work with children? Are you looking for fun and educational animal-related activities to appeal to kids from kindergarten through Grade 8?

The Ottawa Humane Society’s Humane Education Resource Kit is a great way to introduce kids to concepts of kindness toward animals, responsible pet care, dog-bite prevention, and the role of a humane society in the community! The kit includes nine grade-specific scripts, follow-up activity sheets, colour animal photographs, and a popular dog-safety video.

For more information, visit:

OHS Resource Kit

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