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Frederic A. McGrand Award

This year’s CFHS Frederic A. McGrand Award winner is Dr. David FraserDr. David Fraser

Dr. David Fraser has been active in the field of animal welfare for 44 years. Professor Fraser has worked with many organizations in Canada and around the world to find practical ways to improve the lives of animals and his work has led to many innovations in animal housing and management. He was appointed Member of the Order of Canada in 2005 for his work as ‘a pioneer in the field of animal welfare science’.

Raised on a farm in southern Ontario, he has maintained a fascination with animals throughout his 44-year research career. With a degree in psychology (Toronto) and a PhD in zoology (Glasgow), Prof. Fraser did research on the welfare of farm animals (Edinburgh School of Agriculture, 1971-1975) and on the behaviour and management of moose (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, 1975-1981) before developing a research team on farm animal welfare and behaviour at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa (1981-1997). He joined UBC in 1997 as NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Animal Welfare.

Dr. Fraser works with many organizations to find practical ways to improve the lives of animals. He is one of the original members of the Animal Welfare Working Group of the World Organisation for Animal Health which develops global animal welfare standards on behalf of the 180 member nations. He chaired the expert consultation on animal welfare of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Rome). Within Canada he was elected one of the original members of the National Farm Animal Health and Welfare Council and led the development of the Council’s national strategy for farm animal welfare. He also serves on advisory committees for Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (Paris), the Centre for Zoo Animal Welfare (Detroit), Verified Beef Production (Calgary), and as advisor on animal welfare to the Loblaw Companies.

Dr. Fraser’s work has led to many innovations in animal housing and management, ranging from designing better pig pens to reducing highway accidents involving wildlife. His published papers include scientific studies on improved housing and handling of animals, theoretical contributions to animal welfare science, and papers on the practical and cultural dimensions of applying ethics to animal issues.

At UBC, Dr. Fraser works in the Animal Welfare Program and is Program Director of the Applied Biology Program. His work has greatly influenced the quality and direction of research in applied ethology and animal welfare science for more than 40 years. He conducted some of the earliest research on the welfare problems of pigs, including individual housing of sows and early weaning of piglets. He also did pioneering work on the use of vocalizations to identify emotional states in animals, and studies of wildlife including the causes and prevention of highway collisions. David has written several highly cited theoretical papers on the scientific study of animal welfare, summarized in his book Understanding Animal Welfare: The Science in its Cultural Context, published in the UFAW Wiley-Blackwell book series. Together with colleagues Dan Weary and Marina von Keyserlingk, he has built a program of animal welfare science at the University of British Columbia that is internationally recognised as one of the best of its kind. His work is highly respected across disciplines including animal management, animal ethics and veterinary science.

In July of 2014, Dr Fraser along with Professor Mike Mendl (Professor of Animal Behaviour and Welfare in the University of Bristol) have each received the UFAW Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Animal Welfare Science from the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare.

Nominate an Animal Welfare hero

Created in 1985, the prestigious CFHS Frederic A. McGrand Award recognizes individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to animal welfare in Canada.

Past winners include wildlife rehabilitation pioneers Kay and Larry McKeever, animal welfare advocate and veterinarian Dr. Carol Morgan, farm animal welfare champions Tom and Sharon van Milligen, amongst many others.

The Nomination process is currently closed. CFHS will be receiving nominations for the 2018 CFHS Frederic A. McGrand Award later in the year.

How to nominate:

A nominee for the CFHS Frederic A. McGrand Award must have made a significant contribution as a founder or builder of the animal welfare movement or otherwise have made a substantial contribution to animal welfare in Canada.

The nomination must include the following information:

1. A title page with full contact details about the nominee and nominator including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone and Cell Numbers
  • Email address

2. A detailed description of the contributions made by the nominee to animal welfare and protection in Canada. This may include, but is not exclusive to, a narrative description by the nominee, newspaper articles, blog entries, media transcripts, articles or other supporting materials.

3. Two letters of reference to support the nomination.

4. A signature and date by the nominator.

All entries will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the CFHS Board of Directors and the award will be presented at their discretion.

Please send nominations to CFHS by mail, email or fax:
Mail: 30 Concourse Gate, Suite 102, Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7V7
Phone: 613.224.8072 Fax: 613.723.0252

About the CFHS Frederic A. McGrand Award

The award is named after a founding director and past president of CFHS, the late Senator Frederic A. McGrand. Throughout his life the senator recognized and advocated respect for all life. He left an important and ongoing philosophical legacy to the animal welfare movement and also established and left an ongoing charitable trust which continues to benefit humane societies in Atlantic Canada.

Senator McGrand was trained as a medical doctor and made his home in New Brunswick. He was elected to the New Brunswick legislature in 1935 and served as its speaker from 1939 to 1944. He served as the Minister of Health and Social Services of New Brunswick from 1944 to 1952. He was appointed to the Senate of Canada in 1955. He was a founding director of CFHS in 1957 and served as our president from 1961 to 1965. He continued as a director of CFHS until his death in 1988. He believed passionately in the importance of humane education.

Senator McGrand was the primary driving force behind the senate’s study of violence. Its report, entitled “Child at Risk”, was completed in 1980 and examined early childhood experiences as causes of criminal behaviour.

Past winners of CFHS Frederic A. McGrand Award

The McGrand Lifetime Achievement Award has been given out on a semi-annual basis since 1985.

Recipient Location
Rob Laidlaw Toronto ON
Dr. Carol Morgan Malahat BC
Carol Baird Exploits Valley NL
Cathy Thomas Calgary AB
Pat LeGrow Cornwall PE
Joy Ripley Calgary AB
Dr. Alice Crook Charlottetown PE
Mary L. Driscoll Calgary AB
E. Jean Mercer NL
Marjorie Ignatieff Ottawa ON
Eleanor Dawson Winnipeg MB
Robert Gardiner ON
Stephanie Brown Toronto ON
Deborah Powers St. John’s NL
Sandra Bond Winnipeg MB
Stuart Rammage Penticton BC
Hilda Smith St. John’s NL
Tom and Sharon van Milligen Bridgewater NS
Dr. Denna Benn Guelph ON
Joan Clark Montreal QC
Muriel Plamandon Quebec City QC
Molly Hardy Winnipeg MB
Constance Hoover Moncton NB
Philip Baines (posthumously) Saskatoon SK
Kay and Larry McKeever Vineland ON
Norman Nunn Ottawa ON
Marjorie Wright North Bay ON
Senator F.A. McGrand Fredericton and Ottawa

Dr. Carol Morgan
2011 Frederic A. McGrand Award recipient Dr. Carol Morgan

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