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Members-only section

The CFHS… provides its member societies with an exclusive, members-only online platform for the exchange of information, resources, tools and expertise among our valued members.

The password protected section includes an on-line forum for member societies staff, a Clearinghouse×an online repository of exemplary practices, templates and resources on animal welfare and organization management, a funding research service and a library/information research service.

If you are a CFHS… member society, please click here to access the members-only section.

If you would be interested in joining the CFHS… and gaining access to this great resource and much more, please click here, or contact the CFHS… and the following address:

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies
102-30 Concourse Gate Ottawa, Ontario(ON), Canada K2E 7V7 (613) 224-8072 1-888-678-CFHS (613) 723-0252

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