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The CFHS does not receive any government funding and relies almost exclusively on the generosity of our donors and partners. Your donations are important to us; they allow us to continue fighting for the welfare of all animals across Canada.

Our work ranges from pushing to update Canada’s archaic animal cruelty legislation, shutting down Canadian puppy mills and addressing the ever-present homeless cat problem, to name just a few. The CFHS is about helping and protecting all animals in Canada. With your help, we can push for change that will create a more humane Canada.

Here are some non-traditional ways for you to extend your support of the CFHS:

Canada Post and the CFHS want you to use these stamps to help raise awareness of pet adoption in Canada! stamp image

Canada Post’s new Choose Pet Adoption stamp issue was developed in conjunction with the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies to create awareness of pet adoption as the first choice when bringing a new animal into a family. The stamps are also an opportunity for you to support the important work we do.


There are five stamps in all-two dogs, two cats and a bird. All of them were unwanted pets that were left at and subsequently adopted from a Canadian humane society into loving forever homes. The design of the stamps allows you to let the animal out of the cage or kennel as you use them on your mail.


Click HERE to download the stamp Order Form.

Thank you for supporting pet adoption and the work of the CFHS. And please encourage anyone you know who is looking for a companion animal to choose pet adoption.

The CFHS has partnered with ECHOAge to make childrens’ birthday parties more meaningful. For more information, visit: ECHOAge

we care
At the same time as shopping for contact lenses, clothing, books, or printer toner, you can also be doing things like shutting down puppy mills, dealing with cat ovepopulation problems or even help update Canada’s animal cruelty legislation. Just visit We-Care
to find out how.

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