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Animals and the Law

The CFHS promotes the enactment of federal, provincial and municipal legislation that protects animals from cruelty and provides a framework to ensure animals are treated humanely and with respect.

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Political Animal is a document created by the CFHS to keep parliamentarians updated on animal welfare issues.

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Political animal

Featured articles

  • Criminal Code amendments

    CFHS has been calling on the government to amend the animal cruelty sections of the Criminal Code of Canada for more than 25 years. In 1999, the government launched a consultation process to gather input on what changes were needed to the animal cruelty provisions, which were originally enacted in…

  • Provincial legislation

    All of the provinces and territories have animal protection laws. They vary widely in terms of which animal welfare issues are covered and the level of protection provided. The degree to which the laws are enforced, and who is responsible for enforcement of the laws, also varies significantly from o…

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