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  1. News: Ottawa secures pet sale ban Wednesday, April 13

    MEDIA ADVISORY Earlier today, Ottawa City Council adopted a new bylaw that bans the for-profit sale of cats and dogs in Ottawa’s pet stores. After a five-year transition period, which allows the three local stores currently selling cats and dogs to transition to a new business model, only adoptable cats and dogs from humane societies, SPCAs and rescues will set foot in pet ...

  2. News: Canada’s major grocery stores go cage-free Friday, March 18

    The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) congratulates the Retail Council of Canada and its member grocery stores, including Loblaws, Metro, Sobeys and Wal-Mart Canada, for showing leadership and commitment to hen welfare in Canada. The group announced today that its members are committing to sourcing 100% of their table eggs from cage-free suppliers across their membership by ...

  3. Animals on the Farm: Primer on the Lives of Canada’s Turkeys & Chickens Thursday, March 03

    Do you want to know more about the living conditions of turkeys and chickens on Canadian farms? Read this two-page primer! TOP 5 ISSUES FOR CANADA’S CHICKENS AND TURKEYS SPACE STANDARDSWhile Canada is a world leader in space standards for turkeys and chickens, with better standards than in the EU and the US, we still have a long way to go to properly meet the behavioural and biological ...

  4. CFHS: Associate Membership Thursday, January 14

    Becoming an Associate Member of CFHS The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies started the Associate Member category because we wanted to provide a way for a like-minded not-for-profits to join in the largest animal welfare community in Canada. Potential Associates may include but are not limited to: • Municipally-run animal control agencies• Animal rescues • Animal ...

  5. CFHS: Donate Online Monday, December 21

    Do you want to make life better for dogs in Canada? Donate now to help fund the CFHS Puppy Mill Report.

  6. CFHS: Careers Tuesday, November 17

    There are currently no positions available at the CFHS.

  7. Animals At Home: 9 ways to keep your pet safe on Halloween Friday, October 30

    Halloween is a fun time of year for humans, but that isn’t always the case for your pets. A parade of strangers in even stranger outfits ringing the doorbell can cause anxiety, and there are a number of threats to them – human and otherwise – on Halloween night. Follow these safety tips below for a safer and happier Halloween Night for your pets! 1. Keep your pets away from chocolate. ...

  8. Animals At Home: Q&A on Capacity for Care Friday, October 30

    Guelph Humane Society rocks Capacity for Care program Capacity for Care is a management model that helps shelters better meet the needs of the animals in their facility by creating the conditions necessary for The Five Freedoms. In CFHS’ Canadian pilot of this program, improvements in health outcomes have been absolutely astounding. Through a generous grant from the Summerlee ...

  9. Animals At Home: K9 Kids Challenge Friday, October 30

    K9 Kids Challenge! Are you taking part in the K9 Kids Challenge? Top 5 Reasons while regular exercise is important to your dog: 1) Dogs need to socialize2) Dogs need fresh air3) You need fresh air4) Bonding and socialization5) Dogs need exercise to live a happy healthy life 5 Tips for Dog Walking: 1) Make sure you know how much exercise your dog needs for their age and ...

  10. News: A growing trend: SPCA Certified celebrates in Ontario at Harley Farms Monday, June 01

    A growing trend: SPCA Certified celebrates in Ontario at Harley Farms May 20, 2015 As more and more Canadians start questioning exactly where their food comes from and how it was raised, the value of farm animals has been highlighted as well. Recent media coverage of large-scale on-farm animal cruelty has caused a great deal of public scrutiny over the standards of care for Canadian farm ...

  11. News: The cat (videos) came back – to Ottawa! Monday, June 01

    The cat (videos) came back – to Ottawa! Celebrate Just for Cats Month with a feline fix May 27, 2015 (Ottawa, ON) Attention, cat enthusiasts! If you love cats and cat videos, you’ll want to mark your calendars for the city’s favourite cat-centric event. “You’re invited to celebrate all things feline at the Just For Cats Festival” says Barbara Cartwright CEO for the Canadian ...

  12. Animals At Home: Canadian Standards of Care in Animal Shelters Thursday, May 28

    Canadian Standards of Care in Animal Shelters

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