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Wild animals in captivity

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Wild animals in entertainment

Wild animals have been used to entertain people throughout history, from those forced to fight in arenas in Ancient Rome to those performing and showcased in present-day zoos, aquariums, and circuses. Wild animals used for entertainment are not like cats, dogs, and other animals that have been domesticated over hundreds and thousands of years. Some wild animals are bred in captivity but many ...


Related For more information on zoos in Canada: Zoocheck Canada There are over 100 zoos and wildlife collections and about two dozen major zoos across Canada. Some of these zoos provide quality care for their animals and place a high priority on animal welfare. Such zoos make important contributions towards education and conservation. Unfortunately, many other zoos do not ...

Marine mammals in captivity

Marine mammals are fascinating animals that attract the attention of large crowds at aquariums in zoos and marine parks across Canada. Despite the enjoyment many get out of having the opportunity to see such creatures up close, the aquarium is a very different environment from the natural environment of these large and beautiful animals, and causes them to suffer physically, psychologically, and ...

Wild animals as pets

Many people are captivated by the unique beauty and allure of wild and exotic animals, and some are tempted to take their admiration to the next level and acquire a wild or exotic pet. Wild animals may seem more exciting and interesting, baby animals appear to be tameable, and reptiles and rodents are sometimes seen as an ideal pet for those who have limited time to care for an animal. However, ...

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